More detailed session information


A pre-meeting will be organised a few days before your photographic session. This will be a good opportunity for us to get to know each other. Together, we can discuss what type of portraits you may have in mind and take a look at some ideas to help you decide how your final product should look. It is always a good idea to put some thought into where you might want to hang your final portrait, as this may influence the way we shoot on the day. If you are hanging your image in a living space with a colour scheme, we might want to make sure that we colour coordinate the final print to “tone-in” with the surroundings. 

Together, we can discuss what you may want to wear on the day of your shoot. It is wise to give this a great deal of thought and to perhaps consider bringing a few changes of outfit to create different looks.

Families with children usually find the pre-meeting particularly useful, as children can often be nervous and this is an ideal opportunity for them to see where they are going to have their photo session. It can make them feel more relaxed on the day of the shoot itself, as they will already be familiar with the surroundings and know that it will be a fun experience for them to enjoy. When booking your photographic session, parents should always bear in mind what time of the day their children are likely to be at their best.

During this pre-sitting meeting please feel free to ask as many questions as you wish, as we want to make sure that everything is perfect for your photographic session.

Newborn photography props

The studio photographic session


Time will be taken to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Your shoot will not be rushed as we only take one booking a day. The studio and equipment will have been set-up in advance for your particular session style, whether that be Maternity photography, newborn photography, baby photography or family portraits. There will be plenty of time to change outfits to create different looks. During the session we will take as many pictures as we need to create that perfect image. 

Children have short concentration spans, so as many breaks as necessary will be taken to make them feel relaxed. It is very important that children are happy and comfortable in order to be able to capture their true personality. Please let us know in advance if your child is not well as a sickly child never results in a good photographic session. A photographic studio is unfamiliar to my younger tiny clients so being unwell will NEVER bring out their true natures, so please consider this before coming in for your session.

Baby photography and Child photography generally takes 1-2 hours. studio  

Baby photography Melbourne


The studio is designed around newborn and baby photography, where families can bring their newborn baby  to be photographed. My studio is a dedicated newborn photography studio, where parents can feel safe, relaxed and very comfortable during their newborn photography session.

The studio has a microwave and microwave steriliser to sterilise bottles and dummies, and to heat your baby’s bottles too! Tea and coffee will be offered during the session and chilled water is always available, to help yourself to as and when needed.

We have an extensive range of wraps, knitted hats, headbands, little outfits and hand-crafted toys available to uniquely style your session. Clients can come in with just their brand new baby, and choose from hundreds of items. We also have different clothing options for new Mums to wear during your newborn photography session.

All wraps, outfits, hats and props are supplied for your baby during your newborn photography session.

The studio is warmed to comfortable and safe temperature, to suit the style of outfit or wrap your baby is wearing. The temperature can be quite warm at times when baby has no clothing on for those natural nudie images, so please make sure that you dress in layers so you don’t get too warm and stay nice and comfortable during your baby’s newborn session. 

As with all of our newborn sessions, parents and siblings are always welcome to be included. We do ask that siblings come at the start or  the end of the session as their contribution to the session only takes 20-30 minutes. I have found that they get extremely hot, bothered and bored after an hour which can cause stress to parents and ultimately the newborn, who for a successful session needs to be calm and sleepy.

We know you may have loads of questions, but no need to worry!, we will of course go over all of the above information in detail when you call to schedule or enquire about your newborn photography session.

Newborn baby photography, Wheelers Hill, Melbourne