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Our Cake Smash & Splash photography sessions have been a real hit over the last few years. These Cake Smash & Splash sessions usually take place around 10 – 11 months of age. In this way the photographs are available for you to display at your  baby’s first birthday party and can even be used for the invitations.  Please bear in mind that if you would like your images to be ready in time to display at their first birthday party, or for their birthday invitations, you will need to allow a lead time of at least one month. Please advise us  well ahead of time. We are also able to supply custom-designed birthday invitations incorporating one of your images for an additional fee. (Please note  that a minimum order of 25 invitations is required)

Most babies have never tasted cake before and as a result, this captures some great surprise expressions! The Cake Smash is immediately followed by a Splash session in one of our custom-styled selection of baby baths. These include a baby clawfoot bath and rustic tubs. (Please feel free to view our Cake Smash Photography portfolio for examples)

The Splash session is great fun for all babies. As you know, they absolutely love water and as a result, we are able to capture the most amazing natural excited expressions!  We do however like to keep our Cake Smash Sessions understated, using subtle pastel colour schemes, as this keeps the style timeless and elegant.

We supply the cake as part of the $200 creative session fee. During the session you will have full access to all our outfits, buntings, props and cake toppers.  You don’t need to worry about a thing! Should you wish to have a custom made cake topper, I use Sugar Boo Cake Toppers. Our cakes are freshly baked and iced to suit the chosen style of your session. We also have a selection of Cake Smash outfits available for use during your session. Cake Smash Australia, also have some great little outfits. However, should you decide to purchase your own outfit, please let us know in advance so we can style everything to suit. We have a range of themes for you to choose from. Please see our range of documented themes below.

Cake Smash sessions are for the baby only and do not include a family portrait. The reason for this is that babies have very short concentration span. They only remain excited for a short space of time, during which we need to keep baby fully engaged to capture those awesome images!

How the session works…..

When you arrive at the studio we will have a  little chat and I will spend a short time playing with your baby so they can  familiarise themselves with the surroundings and with me as their photographer. Then we can get  started and let the fun begin!

We are able to offer an advanced sneak peek of one of your images for you on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

It’s easy to see why our Cake Smash & Splash sessions are always great fun for your baby!!!!

Note: We regret that if your baby has allergies you will be required to supply your own cake.

Cake Smash photography sessions are most definitely one of my favourite photo shoots as baby is interactive and excited. This allows us to capture superb expressions contributing to great final images.

Have any questions? Reach out to us via our contact page for more information!

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