Newborn Photography

Our newborn sessions usually take place within the first 10 days following baby’s birth.

We have an extensive range of wraps, knitted hats, headbands, little outfits and hand-crafted toys available to uniquely style your session. Clients can come in with just their brand new baby, and choose from hundreds of items. We also have different clothing options for new Mums to wear during your newborn photography session.

We have a wide range of accessories for newborn baby girls. We adore little boys and have an extensive selection of knitted hats, wraps, outfits, and every basket, bucket, and bed you can imagine! Sibling toddlers can also be catered for, with a selection of little girls dresses to match the tone of your session. We usually suggest toddler boys and Dads wear clothing in solid, simple, light colours to complement our collections.

We just love newborns!, so much so, that we get very excited when twins come into the studio! Whilst we understand the arrival of twins can be overwhelming, we still urge parents to come in early if possible. Premature  twins are usually photographed between 2-3 weeks of age, while full-term twin babies can still be photographed as early as 10 days. Newborn twin sessions may take a little longer than typical newborn sessions.  We have ample matching wraps, blankets and props to suit twins. Little hand-knitted multiple hats and twin outfits are also available to use during your twin newborn session.

We know you may have loads of questions, but no need to worry!, we will of course go over all of the above information in detail when you call to schedule or enquire. As with all of our newborn sessions, parents and siblings are always welcome to be included.

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