What do we wear for our newborn photo shoot? Newborn photography Melbourne

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Welcome and congratulations! Your little one is soon to arrive. You’ve booked in for your newborn baby photo session with your photographer.

Now, “What should we wear for our newborn shoot?”

The selection of the right clothing for your photo session is an essential factor in the preparation for a successful newborn session. Soft neutral tones always work especially well! Whites, greys and beiges are the go-to colours when it comes to a successful newborn session at The Latent Image Photography – Newborn photography Melbourne. Not only does it work well with babies skin tones, it will also leave your options open as to where you may like to hang your new portraits. Clothes should always remain plain and timeless, with no logos or patterns. Textures like lace, wool and embroidery in similar tones work well to complement each other. The colour palette should remain plain and simple in similar tones. Start with one outfit and then choose the others to complement it. Patterns and logos can be very distracting to the eye and can take away from the important details we are looking to capture in your image.

Below are some ideas of colour tones that work well together and complement each other nicely.

Newborn photography Melbourne

Newborn photo shoot colour ideas
Newborn photo shoot colour ideas
Newborn photo shoot colour ideas


As a mother of two myself, I understand that after having a new baby, you’re not always feeling your best. The important thing is that you should feel comfortable in what you are wearing. For Mum, warm soft neutral tones in greys, beiges and pastel tones are ideal. Remember that the images will be closely cropped, and your baby will be the centre of attention in the image. Your hands will however be visible, so it is important to have either nicely painted nails in a nude colour or no nail polish at all, with nice clean nails. Hair and makeup ideally should be natural looking. Clean styled hair and makeup will make you feel good for your newborn baby photography session. 

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For Dads, I recommend plain T-shirts. Whites, greys or beiges are great, but also please bring a simple black T-shirt with you. A white button up shirt is another option if you’d prefer that. A haircut and beard trim or shave will make Dad look and feel good. Clean hands and nails are most important, especially when photographing your tiny newborn baby in Dad‘s hands.

Newborn photo shoot

Older brothers and sisters

For siblings, the same idea applies as it does for Mum and Dad, keeping things plain and simple. You can never go wrong with pastels and neutral tones. These tones are not too distracting, allowing you to see their gorgeous little faces. Big brother’s can wear a plain T-shirt or a button up collared shirt. Big sister’s can wear a simple soft dress in subtle tones with a bit of texture.

Should you decide to have your children’s hair cut for their session, please don’t have the appointment on the day of your photo shoot. Firstly, if you’re unhappy with the cut, it’s going to spoil your photos. Secondly, those little cut hairs, make their way into everything and go everywhere!

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During your newborn baby photo shoot I will spend the majority of my time photographing your newborn. We will supply all the custom-made clothing made specifically for newborn photography. The studio has a large variety of wraps and blankets that we will use during your session. We will coordinate the wraps to match your clothing for your family portraits. When dressing your new baby to come for their photo session, please keep clothing loose and front opening, with no clothes that pull over the head. If your baby is sleeping peacefully when you arrive, we don’t want to wake them. It is great to get started straight away!

It’s always a good idea to pack a change of clothing for Mum and Dad, especially if you are holding your naked baby for those beautiful natural poses. There is a very strong chance you may need to change your clothing due to little unavoidable accidents!

To wrap up!

Your newborn photography photographs are meant to be enjoyed for generations to come. Styling your session with the right timeless clothing and making sure you are looking your best on the day of the shoot will be well worth the effort, when everything seamlessly comes together to produce truly awesome photographs!.  

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