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Baby photography sessions

Baby photography sessions generally take place when your baby is 4 – 12 months of age. Baby photography sessions only last about an 1 – 1.5 hours as babies get bored really quickly and start to loose concentration which invariably ends in tears. During our baby photography sessions we love to capture the wide eyes, innocent smiles and contagious giggles that as parents, we want to remember forever!

Babies start developing their own little personalities around four months of age. This is often a milestone that parents like to capture. Their beaming captivating little smiles are just too gorgeous for words!

The ideal and most exciting time to photograph your baby is around 8 – 10  months old when your baby is sitting confidently but not yet crawling. At this stage you can capture their adorable personalities while they are not too mobile. Once they start crawling, THEY’RE OFF!!!

Babies that are crawling and walking will not necessarily sit still for any length of time. They will instinctively want to explore the studio. Over the years we have developed various ways of keeping them in place to secure that amazing image!

We have a selection of clothing, props, headbands, hats and accessories for sitting babies.

Why not try a Milk Bath Baby Photography session or a Watermelon Baby Photography session. These sessions are for babies that can sit confidently without support. They are so much fun for your baby that sometimes, they don’t want the session to end! Some of the best images are captured while your baby is splashing in our little prop baths. Babies are very much at ease in the warm soothing water, as a result they are happy and content resulting in beautiful images!


Please bear in mind when booking your baby photography session that your baby should be happy and well! In my experience, a sick or tired baby never leads to a successful photographic outcome. When booking your session, it is always advisable to book at a time that is not too close to your baby’s nap time. Please call ahead as soon as possible if your baby is unwell.

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