Baby Photography Melbourne
Baby photography Melbourne
Olivia 1996 one of my first baby portraits

Taking a look back to 1996. This is one of the first baby portraits I ever captured. I was portfolio building after moving to the UK after completing my Photography qualification in 1993. I met Olivia’s Mother at a “First Mums Group”. Olivia was such a gorgeous baby, I just knew that I needed to capture her cuteness on film. I approached her Mum, Marie and we set up a date for a session. Marie brought props and hats from her house and together we carefully wove the daisy chain. It was an amazing morning, we had so much fun! From this day a beautiful relationship formed, that has grown into a once in a lifetime friendship.  Our girls are both going to be 21 this year and we are both still the best of friends and so are our girls. I photographed Olivia again at 16 (see below), her eyes are just spectacular. Olivia has gone on to pursue a career in fashion and modeling. Now that we live in Melbourne we only get to see each other every couple of years. We were lucky enough to have them visit us last year in Melbourne but unfortunately we didn’t  get around to taking any professional images. Hundreds of fun shots though!  As a photographer doing  baby photography Melbourne it was wonderful to have them back in the studio so many years later!

Baby Photography Melbourne

Baby photography Melbourne, we are all grown up
Olivia at 16
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