5 Tips For A Super Awesome Cake Smash Shoot

Cake Smash photography Melbourne

5 Tips For A Super Awesome Cake Smash Shoot

Our Cake Smash sessions are an awesome way to celebrate the milestone of your baby’s first birthday! Here at The Latent Image Photography – Newborn photography Melbourne, we just adore having a Cake Smash shoot in our Wheelers Hill photography studio. Cake Smash photography has become so popular over the last five years that we have decided to invest in many different backdrops with wonderful themes. We thought it would be a fun and magical idea to name all the different styles.

Please take the time to view our cake smash photography website page to see our super awesome cake smash shoots!

Cake Smash Shoot Information

When booking your Cake Smash shoot we will schedule your session around your baby’s sleep schedule. This is so important as we do not want a tired baby! Due to the cost of the cake, we do not want to schedule a reshoot! Please do not bring your baby to the session if they are not well. Babies that are unwell never photograph well. This is extremely important, as a photographic studio is a strange environment for a baby. Sick babies just want Mummy, resulting in an unsuccessful session. I can’t stress this enough!. All cake smash shoots are booked and take place in our Wheelers Hill studio. The session generally lasts one and a half hours. This is due to the fact that at this age babies lose interest very quickly, so we need to get things started before they tire!

I supply the cake as part of the $200 session fee. During the session you will have full access to all my outfits, buntings, props and cake toppers. You don’t need to worry about a thing!!! Should you wish to have a custom made cake topper, I use Sugar Boo Cake Toppers. or for custom made outfits, Cake Smash Australia  also have some great little outfits should you decide, you would like to purchase your own outfit. We do ask that you communicate this with us a few days before your Cake Smash photography session in order to style the cake and colours to suit the little outfit you have purchased.

Sometimes it might be a good idea to let your baby have a little taste of cake on a few occasions beforehand, so your baby has an idea of the taste of cake and butter icing before their Cake Smash session, as most babies have not yet tasted cake. Butter icing can be a strange texture for babies. We use butter icing on the cake because it is easy for your baby to grab handfuls of icing and it smears easily in their adorable little faces and tiny fingers. All babies are different, some dive straight in and get started straight away and devour the cake. Others approach with caution and require a little bit of encouragement. It’s lovely to get those gorgeous photos of your baby examining the cake, sometimes deep in thought! Sometimes we need to break a little piece of cake off and hand it to your baby so they can have a little taste and relax into the situation. Sometimes a wooden spoon can help your baby relax and distract them while smashing the cake with it.

Please bring a change of clothing for yourself as you too may get covered in cake and butter icing. Some babies may need a little cuddle during the session. We ask that you sit and watch the Cake Smash session from the sidelines, without distracting your baby. I will be getting your baby to look at me while I’m photographing them.  Your baby will automatically look at you when you call them and they will not be responding to me, which as a result will negatively impact your photographs. Your baby will definitely make their way over to you at some point during the session. At that point you will be asked to sit them back in front of the cake again, hence the change of clothing for yourself! If I need your active participation I will direct you as to what you can do to get the best expressions out of your baby.

The Cake Smash Shoot Splash Session

This is undoubtedly the favourite part of the session for most babies. All babies love water and slashing! If your baby has a sensitive skin, we recommend that you bring your own bubble bath and towel for them. A clean change of clothing and a plastic bag might also be useful to put  all your dirty clothes and your wet towel into. Apart from us getting great photos from the bath session, your baby will be nice and clean for their journey home!


Cake Smash Shoot

5 Tips for a super awesome Cake Smash Shoot!

  1. A sippy cup of water as baby will get thirsty and a snack in case they get hungry
  2. A change of clothing for both yourself and your baby
  3. Bubble bath if your baby has sensitive skin
  4. A towel
  5. A plastic bag for your dirty clothing and your wet towel 

Some additional Cake Smash Shoot advice!

We strongly recommend that you do not bring siblings along to the session, as they can be extremely distracting to your one year old baby. The sibling will also get extremely bored, as we will be concentrating fully on the Cake Smash Shoot, which the sibling not surprisingly would dearly love to participate in.

Note: We regret that if your baby has allergies you will be required to supply your own cake. A discount will be applied to your session fee.

Cake Smash Shoots are most definitely one of my favourite photo sessions as baby is interactive and excited. This allows us to capture superb expressions contributing to great final images!!!

Please dont hesitate to contact us via our contact page should you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon!!!

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