Newborn Photography safety

8 Reasons Why Newborn Photography Safety Is So Important

Newborn Photography Safety

This is a topic I had planned to write about later in the in the year, but recently, it has been brought to my attention that a lot of photographers are not doing the right thing by their clients and still working under the current COVID conditions in Victoria. I have had so many calls over the last couple of weeks asking if I’m operating during COVID restrictions. As much as we’d like to think that newborn photography is an essential service, unfortunately, it is not the case! Whether we believe the rationale for the Victorian governments stage 4 restrictions or not, it is against the law to operate during the current COVID-19 stage 4 restrictions. There will always be people out there willing to go against the regulations. This is where I ask myself, if a newborn photographer is willing to break the law and risk their business to photograph your newborn baby, what are their newborn photography safety policies?!!!!!

You have given birth to a beautiful precious baby, usually born in hospital with midwives, doctors and nurses to support you. You go home with your wonderful bundle of joy! Carefully you bath them for the first time, carry them with extreme caution, careful not to trip. You are so very proud of your new baby, astonished at the perfection you have created! What better way to document this amazing time in your life than with a newborn photography session. Often, this is the very first outing for your new family. Your newborn baby is more than often aged between 5 to 10 days old. At this stage your baby is at its most vulnerable and defenceless time in their life. You are now going to hand the single most precious thing in your life over to your chosen photographer. This person could be anyone! Anyone that has a camera can legally call themselves a photographer. And might I add, not always a fancy camera at that! I understand that not everyone has the budget for newborn photography and that all newborn photographers need to start somewhere, but newborn  photography safety has to be of the utmost importance!!!!

Newborn photography safety is something that is learnt through newborn photography courses and years of experience in newborn photography. With over 20 years experience of baby photography I have learnt so much along the way. I was lucky enough to have studied photography and worked as a fashion photographer before I had my kiddies and then decided to turn my hand to baby photography. I had the depth of knowledge in the physics of photography and light. I already knew and understood the complex theory of inverse square law ”when a surface is illuminated by a point light source……….. “ blah blah blah! I was set technically and hit the ground running! My first newborn photography session was nearly 23 years ago

Newborn photography safety

Boy if only I knew then what I know now. Poor little Elliott! He looks terrified! A nice cozy warm room may have been a good start!

Newborn photography

So why choose a professional newborn photographer?

They are trained in all fields of newborn photography. Professional newborn photographers understand newborn behaviour and what your baby needs. Newborn babies can’t regulate their own body temperature like we can, so it is important to keep them at the right temperature. Newborns can easily overheat and if they are not warm enough, they won’t settle. Newborn photographers understand everything the newborn needs to keep the baby calm and seamlessly transition the baby from prop to prop to achieve a smooth session. All our props are sourced from prop shops specifically designed for newborn photography. They know how to weight the props so the prop is safe and well balanced that it doesn’t fall over and injure your newborn baby. They won’t put your baby into something that will be dangerous to your baby’s health, like a pot that has been sitting in the back garden for years and might endanger your babies little lungs by breathing in compost. All our props are safe and clean for newborn photography. We know how to safely pose a baby, whilst still protecting the baby’s neck. Babies can’t support their own heads, their neck is not strong enough. We know how to successfully wrap your baby to put them into a nice deep sleep without wrapping them too tightly that they can’t breathe and yet tight enough that those strong little arms can’t escape! Newborn babies don’t have good circulation in their hands and feet. It is so important to be aware that you are not cutting off their circulation when posing the newborn baby. All the beautiful poses we see on the internet can be quite risky to achieve. Babies hanging on hammocks or hanging in props are not as they appear. These images are in actual fact, composite images. The baby was never hanging in the basket, it is all created in photoshop. Professional photographers spend many years developing their editing skills in photoshop. You would never know that these images are actually two images merged together to create that perfect image to keep your precious baby safe at all times. My fear is that some amateur enthusiasts may not realise this and may attempt to replicate these complex poses, unaware of the inherent risks. 

An experienced professional newborn photographer will have an in-depth understanding of newborn behaviour and safety around all forms of posing. The camera does not make the photograph, it’s the expertise of the photographer. Here’s a thought, would you let just anyone cut your hair because they own a pair of scissors? Of course not! So why would you take a chance with just anyone posing the single most precious thing in your life!

Please dont hesitate to contact us via our contact page if you have any questions you would like some more information.

Eight important things to think about when looking for a newborn photographer: (in addition to beautiful photographs!)

  • Is it a fully registered business?
  • Are they fully insured?
  • Are they fully vaccinated?
  • Do they have a quality website that displays a variety of newborn poses?
  • Have they many years experience in newborn photography?
  • Are they an accredited AIPP member (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers)?
  • Are they an accredited INPA member (International Newborn Photography Association)?
  • Do they hold a “Working With Children” check?

Whilst everyone understands that most people have a budget, please don’t compromise when choosing a newborn photographer. People spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding photographer. One in three marriages end in divorce. Scary! Let’s put it this way, your baby will be your child for ever!

Please be safe!!!! Put your baby’s safety first and don’t take any risks when it comes to choosing a newborn photographer!

Newborn photography safety!

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